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Neurogenetics Portfolio News

Myotonia Congenita tests were added into Asper Biogene’s Neurogenetics portfolio. Metabolic Myopathy and Rhabdomyolysis panel has also been modified. Neutropenia has received an update in Asper Biogene’s Hematology portfolio and Asper Biogene’s Oncology portfolio has received a new test in the form of Ovarian Cancer.

Asper cardiogenetics and neurogenetics update

There have been several updates among Asper Cardiogenetics and Neurogenetics.

Asper Immunogenetics portfolio news

We have a brand new portfolio!

Dysmorphology update

Asper Dysmorphology now offer panels for Joubert Syndrome, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, Bardet-Biedli Syndrome and many more.

Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing

The Cardiogenetics, Metabolic Disorders, and Otogenetics panels now offer mitochondrial genome sequencing.

Company profile

Asper Biogene is a genetic testing company focused on diagnostics of hereditary diseases. Multiple medical specialties are covered by our comprehensive testing selection extending from single gene analysis to whole genome sequencing.

In Asper Biogene we are constantly upgrading our testing menu and diagnostic possibilities to achieve the ultimate ambition that no disease goes undiagnosed.

Our laboratory is an authorized medical laboratory, ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are participating in the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) quality assessment schemes in order to deliver genetic services at the highest level of quality standards.

Our clients, including leading university hospitals, private clinics, commercial laboratories and research organisations are from more than 40 countries. Development and elaboration of new tests are continuous processes in our daily practice to meet the customers’ needs and provide testing services to more patients and healthcare providers. We are also offering custom-test development with complete workflow and full customer support.

Besides providing genetic diagnostic services, we are an appreciated scientific partner for many international R&D projects due to our innovation-driven approach and long-lasting experience. We have had successful collaboration with different funding agencies supporting R&D activities, which have led to technological improvements and moreover to state-of-the-art genetic tests. Our expertise is widely recognized by participation in numerous European-wide research projects where we have been incorporated as an essential partner.