Thrombophilia targeted mutation analysis

Genes: Factor V, prothrombin/Factor II, MTHFR

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Lab method: RFLP

TAT: 1-2 weeks

Specimen requirements: 2-4 ml of blood with anticoagulant EDTA

300 ng DNA in TE, AE or pure sterile water at 100-250 ng/µl
The A260/A280 ratio should be 1.8-2.0. DNA sample should be run on an agarose gel as a single band, showing no degradation, alongside with a quantitative DNA marker.

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Indications for genetic testing:

  1. Venous thrombosis before the age of 50
  2. Recurrent venous thrombosis in family
  3. Identified genetic variant for higher risk of venous thrombosis in family
    For women in addition to the above named:
  4. Myocardial infarction in 50-year-old women who are smoking
  5. Venous thrombosis in the period of taking oral contraceptives
  6. The presence of pregnancy complications, for example multiple miscarriages, preeclampsia and stillbirth.