Flexible approach to gene panels

In diagnosing complex disorders, it may be necessary to use wider range of genes than initially determined, or combine different gene panels. We can easily redesign our existing gene panels to match your clinical practice or research project. Additional fee will not be added. Contact info[at]asperbio.com to ask for personal solutions.


Bioinformatic analysis and interpretation of customer’s genetic data

Asper Biogene’s qualified geneticists are analyzing and interpreting your sequencing data, deletion/duplication analysis results etc.

Our thorough clinical interpretation includes phenotypic and clinical information evaluation; careful classification of variants based on population frequency, variant databases, in-silico prediction models and conservation scores; as well as recommendations for further testing strategies if necessary. Identified findings are reported according to the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG 2015) recommendations.

Ask customized solution from our experienced team to facilitate your clinical practice.


Pre- and post-test consultation by email/phone/Skype

Medical geneticist is available for pre- and post-test consultation (60 €) to referring physicians and health-care professionals. Contact info[at]asperbio.com to register for consultation.