Wilson Disease
ATP7B gene sequencing

Genes: ATP7B

Lab method: Sanger sequencing

Price / TAT: 773 EUR / 2-4 weeks

Specimen requirements: 2-4 ml of blood with anticoagulant EDTA

2,3 µg DNA in TE, AE or pure sterile water at 100-250 ng/µl
The A260/A280 ratio should be 1.8-2.0. DNA sample should be run on an agarose gel as a single band, showing no degradation, alongside with a quantitative DNA marker.

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Indications for genetic testing:

1. Confirmation of clinical diagnosis
2. Carrier testing for at-risk family members
3. Genetic counseling

Wilson disease (WD) is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder characterized by the toxic accumulation of copper in various organs including the liver, the cornea and the brain, causing damage therein. The disorder usually manifests in the second decade of life and the hepatic form usually appears earlier than the neurological form. Wilson disease is caused by mutations in the ATP7B gene.