Shipment of the samples

For speedy and secure delivery, international courier services such as DHL, UPS and FedEx are recommended; alternatively, you can send samples by air mail as a small parcel.

  • Since high quality DNA samples are stable, there is no need for shipment in dry or wet ice.
  • To avoid sample loss and contamination, please use 0,5-2,0 ml screw cap tubes, tubes with safe lock lid or wrap the caps of each microtube with parafilm.
  • In order to avoid damage to the tubes during shipment, a tube storage box made of plastic or cardboard in a padded envelope is recommended. Please avoid using round containers, such as 50 ml Corning tubes, for tube protection.
  • Send blood samples by courier service. Blood samples can be preserved at 2-8°C before shipping. Blood samples are recommended not to freeze and not to store longer than one week.
  • Please make sure that the declared value of the package in the shipment does not exceed 10 EUR.
  • Send samples to the following address:
    Asper Biogene
    Vaksali 17a
    Tartu 50410
    Ph: +372 7307 295
  • You will be notified by email, once the samples arrive at Asper Biogene.