Updated Asper Dysmorphology menu

New phenotypically relevant disease-causing genes have been added to many of the panels including brain malformation, microcephaly, skeletal dysplasia, craniosynostosis and several other panels.

Asper Dermatology News

Asper Dermatology panels have been updated with multiple new genes highly relevant for differential diagnosis.

Hereditary ataxia

We have expanded our testing options for different types of hereditary ataxia. NGS panel has been updated up to 148 genes and several new tests are also available.

New panel in Asper Cardiogenetics

Left Ventricular Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy covers the analysis of 13 genes.

Updated NGS panels

Several NGS panels have been updated, including panels for Brain Malformations, Spinocerebellar Ataxias, and Sensorineural Hearing Loss. 

Asper Neurogenetics News

Dystonia, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and spinocerebellar ataxias panels now include the analysis of disease-associated non-coding variants.