Male Factor Infertility test

Male Factor Infertility test has been upgraded from targeted mutation analysis to NGS panel with 60 genes associated with spermatogenic failure and meiotic arrest.

Asper Endocrinology News

Genetic testing for Kallmann Syndrome is now available. New gene panel consists of 25 genes and includes detection of SNPs, insertions and deletions, as well as CNVs.

Metabolic disorders

Our latest release is a panel of Congenital Disorders of Glycolysation targeting pathogenic variants in 49 clinically relevant genes. 

Asper Oncogenetics updates

Prostate Cancer panel has been updated with 3 new genes. 

News in Asper Ophthalmics

Updated versions of Vitreoretinopathy and comprehensive Eye Diseases NGS panels are now available.

New Offerings in Asper Neurogenetics

Dystonia and Spinocerebellar Ataxia panels are updated with MECR gene.