CNV analysis

We have integrated copy number variation (CNV) detection tool into our everyday workflow. CNV analysis is now available as a new testing option for all NGS panels and whole exome sequencing. 

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Asper Cardiogenetics updates

We now offer an NGS panel for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. Additionally, Noonan Syndrome test has been upgraded to Noonan Spectrum Disorders/Rasopathies test including several new disease-causing genes. All NGS panels in Asper Cardiogenetics testing menu are covered by CNV analysis based on sequencing data. Visit to learn more.

Updated Asper Oncogenetics menu

We have updated our Asper Oncogenetics menu. Genetic testing for Prostate Cancer is now available. The testing includes sequencing of the panel of genes and CNV analysis. Other NGS panels in the Asper Oncogenetics menu now also include CNV analysis. View our updated pricelist at Oncogenetics

News in Asper Ophthalmics

We are pleased to announce that our NGS panels now include CNV analysis.

In addition, three new genes have been added to the Bardet-Biedl Syndrome panel.

Visit to learn more about our new testing options and see the updated price list.

Asper Dermatology

We are proud to announce a brand new testing menu – Asper Dermatology, which includes gene panels targeting the diagnostics of different skin related inherited disorders. New panels also facilitate differential diagnosis of diseases with overlapping features. Visit to find out more.

Updates in Asper Ophthalmics

Asper Ophthalmics testing menu has been updated with Senior-Loken Syndrome gene panel. We have also added a number of genes to Cone-Rod Dystrophy, Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy, and comprehensive eye diseases panels. Comprehensive eye diseases panel now covers 283 genes associated with different eye disorders. View updated testing options at

Asper Biogene at EAN Congress 2018

We will be attending the 4th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Lisbon, 16-19 June. Do not miss the opportunity to get informed about recent developments and news in clinical neurology. Stop by the exhibition hall to learn about Asper Neurogenetics tests and get acquainted with our experts. Looking forward to meeting you at booth #C24!

Del/dup analysis

Del/dup analysis can now be ordered in addition to NGS panels. Read more about upgraded testing options at each portfolio or see the price list Feel free to contact us if there are any additional genes you would need to be included in the analysis.

Congenital Myopathy and Distal Myopathy NGS panel

Congenital Myopathy and Distal Myopathy NGS panel has been added to Asper Neurogenetics portfolio. The new panel includes analysis of 43 genes linked to numerous types of myopathy. Learn more about test

We would be very grateful for any comments on whether this panel can enhance your testing activities or additional genes/conditions should be involved in the panel. Contact us at info[at] and give your feedback.

End-of-Year Price Reduction!

All our catalogue prices will be reduced by 10% for the next two months. Use the great opportunity and make sure  to place your order before January 31, 2018.

Asper Metabolic Disorders

Asper Biogene is pleased to introduce our new testing portfolio of metabolic disorders. Single gene tests as well as multigene panels are included in Asper Metabolic Disorders’ menu. Glycogen and lysosomal storage diseases, fatty acid oxidation disorders, and urea cycle disorders are represented among others.

Full list of tests is available on

New tests in Asper Cardiogenetics

We have expanded our selection of cardiovascular genetic tests to include tests for different types of dyslipidemias, cardiomyopathies, and arrhythmias.  In addition, pulmonary arterial hypertension test has been upgraded with a set of genes to facilitate differential diagnosis. Full list of tests is available:

Skeletal Ciliopathies

Asper Dysmorphology now includes NGS panel for the diagnostics of skeletal ciliopathies. The panel encompasses testing of different forms of short-rib thoracic dysplasia as well as phenotypically overlapping disorders like cranioectodermal dysplasias. For further information visit

Asper Endocrinology now launched

Asper Endocrinology testing portfolio has been launched now. Our latest testing selection is designed for the diagnostics of both monogenic, and complex hereditary endocrine disorders.

Since molecular diagnostics has become the daily practice of endocrinology we are to provide valuable tool for clinicians in order to facilitate diagnosing, optimize treatment, and identify at risk family members.

List of the tests is available on

Melanoma NGS panel

Melanoma NGS panel is now available. For detailed information see Feel free to throw out suggestions for the genes you would like to add to the panel.

CMT panel

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease NGS panel has been upgraded with the following genes: ARSA, HINT1, HSPB3, KIF1A, NGF, SCN9A, SLC5A7, SPTLC1, SPTLC2, TFG, TYMP, WNK1.

The new version of the test covers the analysis of 67 genes. Full list of genes is available on

Management news

We wish to inform our clients and partners that Asper Biotech has been acquired by Asper Biogene LLC and is therefore under new management. The business and day-to-day operations will continue to be conducted as usual and the change in ownership will not bring about any changes to client relationships and processes. Corporate identity of the company will be renewed in the near future.