Asper Biotech announces a new carrier test for Hutterite population

The new carrier test aims to detect the most common mutations associated with autosomal recessive disorders in the Hutterite population. The test can be used in population-based carrier screening for 30 different syndromes. Carrier testing is vital for counseling individuals with a family history of severe diseases in order to assess reproductive risks.

Carrier Testing NGS panel

Carrier Testing NGS panel

(full coding
550 genes associated with severe, recessive pediatric onset diseases

Lab method: NGS panel with CNV analysis

TAT: 6-9 weeks

Specimen requirements: 2-4 ml of blood with anticoagulant EDTA

1 µg DNA in TE, AE or pure sterile water at 100-250 ng/µl
The A260/A280 ratio should be 1.8-2.0. DNA sample should be run on an agarose gel as a single band, showing no degradation, alongside with a quantitative DNA marker.

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Indications for genetic testing:

1. Testing for asymptomatic individuals of an affected family member
2. Testing for individuals and couples who are considering family planning and pregnancy
3. Testing for individuals with particular ethnic background with high incidence of genetic disease
4. Genetic counseling

Genetic carrier testing allows determination of carrier status in family with identified mutation of an autosomal recessive or x-linked disorder.