Genetic testing in Hungary

The goal is to offer the country’s eye doctors and other specialists the wide portfolio of Asper’s test. Currently working in close collaboration with Optovision Ltd. Asper Biotech has the goal of reaching the Hungarian eye doctors offering them diagnostics solutions that are enhanced by our partner’s advancing knowledge in eye disease genetics. Co-operation with internet medicine network and wide partner network enables to reach the goals quickly and efficiently bringing on stronger brand presence for Asper and a comprehensive medical product market for Optovision.

Optovision is widening its network of clinics and doctors over all medical areas that Asper’s tests cover.

Asper at ESHG 2010

Several new innovative genetic tests and services will be launched on the market this year. At the European Human Genetics Conference on 12-15 June 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden Asper’s representatives will provide wider and more attractive products than ever before. We are glad to meet our partners and clients in Asper Biotech (#B218) and Genorama (#B134) boxes.

About Us

Antidepressants PGx test

Asper Biogene has launched a new pharmacogenetic test – Antidepressants PGx – for assessing metabolic response to antidepressant medications.

Microcephaly and hereditary spastic paraplegia panels

Microcephaly and hereditary spastic paraplegia panels have been updated with multiple new genes.

Annual Ataxia Conference

Asper Biogene is attending the Annual Ataxia Conference, 10-13 March, organised by the National Ataxia Foundation. The conference will be held online and brings together leading ataxia experts.

CNV analysis

All NGS panels in our testing menu now include CNV analysis. Panels for frontotemporal dementia, tuberous sclerosis, microcephaly, and hereditary spastic paraplegia cover the analysis of clinically relevant non-coding variants.

Updated Asper Dysmorphology menu

New phenotypically relevant disease-causing genes have been added to many of the panels including brain malformation, microcephaly, skeletal dysplasia, craniosynostosis and several other panels.

Asper Dermatology News

Asper Dermatology panels have been updated with multiple new genes highly relevant for differential diagnosis.