CTCTrap meeting

Progress meeting of the CTCTrap (Circulating Tumor Cells TheRapeutic APheresis) consortium was held in Tallinn, 8-9 Sept. On the first day results of phenotypical characterization and molecular profiling of CTCs were discussed. Talks on project milestones for final year took place next day. The final year sees validation of CTCapheresis for clinical use.

CTCTrap aims to develop safe and effective equipment to collect CTCs from peripheral blood in cancer patients for the molecular characterization of these cells for better diagnostic and treatment options. Furthermore the results of the project provide a new knowledge on metastasis’ mechanism, risk assessment and the optimal therapy choice during the course of the disease of cancer patients.

The CTCTrap consortium consists of 4 Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) and 7 academic institutions and is funded through FP7 health. 2012.1.2-1 #305341.

For further information see CTCTrap newsletter.