Asper Animal Genetics

Asper Biotech just launched a new brand – Asper Animal Genetics. There are several hereditary conditions that are common for animals and each species has it’s own conditions. Some of them are important for selective breeding to rule out the undesired features as others are very serious diseases that needs an expert whilst handling the offspring. Currently there are two syndrome tests available for dogs – Episodic falling syndrome and Curly coat & Dry eye syndrome.

As the newest of Asper Biotech’s portfolios the Asper Animal Genetics is constantly in the phase of active growth and you are most welcome to revisit the page in order to discover new species and new tests. In case the test of your interest is not enlisted to the catalogue you can contact us in order to find out whether the planned test is in the pipeline. Moreover – all the help in elaborating and developing such tests is always welcome.