Athletic performance test

Genes: ACE, ACTN3

Lab method: RFLP, PCR

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Price / TAT: 80 EUR / 10 working days

Specimen requirements: Buccal cell sample
The sample collection kit and instructions for the sample collection will be sent by Asper Biogene.

Ordering information: 1. Send an e-mail info[at] including your contact information (name, postal address);
2. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address;
3. The sample collection kit will be sent to you after payment of the invoice;
4. Take the sample following instructions step by step;
5. Enclose the agreement form in the package;
6. Send sample to the following address:

Asper Biogene
Vaksali 17a
Tartu 50410

Nowadays it is possible to investigate an individual’s genetic prerequisite to aspects of athletic strength, speed and endurance. This genetic test has been especially designed for the serious sports enthusiast to study two genes that are connected with athletic performance: ACE and ACTN3. ACE influences cardiovascular performance and adaptation to physical strain, ACTN3 regulates muscle performance. Identification of ACE and ACTN3 gene variants allows to determine whether the individual is successful in sprint and strength sports (sprint distances, hurling and throwing sport, bodybuilding etc), endurance sports (running, skiing, rowing, triathlon etc) or whether the person is a so-called universal sportsman.

In addition to genetic factors, success of a sportsman depends on several factors as nutrition, living and training conditions, psychological factors. It is easier to choose the most suitable sport for you, if you are aware of your hereditary prerequisites. The best results are achieved by those who do not only have favourable environment conditions and sufficient motivation, but also have the most suitable gene set for the specific sport.