Asper Biotech offers genetic testing services for a wide variety of diseases and conditions, as well as custom-oriented test development and counseling. Our priority areas are genetics of eye disorders, genetics related to reproductive medicine and prenatal diagnostics, cardiogenetics, neurogenetics and oncogenetics.

Asper Biotech is ISO 9001:2008 (#EST04512A), ISO 15189:2007 (#L259), and CLIA (#99D2046227) certified laboratory that has had 17 years of successful collaboration with different funding agencies supporting R&D activities, which have led to technological improvements and moreover to state-of-the-art genetic tests.

Asper Biotech is a well-respected scientific partner for national and international research projects due to years of experience in genetics. The company has participated in numerous FP6 and FP7 projects like ArraySBS, Mutp53, MedGenet, Health-E-Child, Aaveye, TechGene, CTCTrap, PREDICTION-ADR.

Asper Biotech has up-to date facilities and equipment for genetic analysis (wet lab) and computational data analysis. In Asper Biotech, we are using a microarray-based approach called Arrayed Primer Extension (APEX). This technology enables simultaneous detection of hundreds of point mutations, as well as deletions and insertions in many different genes. Additionally, several other technological platforms are in everyday use, such as next generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, MLPA, RFLP, and RT-PCR.

We are constantly interested in participation in a wide variety of cooperation projects. Our technical and administrative experience could be a valuable asset for the success of the planned project. Moreover, as a research driven SME from Estonia, Asper Biotech would also bring the balance into the consortium representation.