Autosomal Recessive Retinitis Pigmentosa targeted regions sequencing

Genes (targeted regions): ABCA4, AIPL1, CERKL, CLRN1, CNGA1, CNGA3, CNGB1, CNGB3, CRB1, EYS, GRK1, IMPG2, LRAT, MERTK, NR2E3, PDE6A, PDE6B, PROM1, RBP3, RDH12, RGR, RHO, RLBP1, RP1, RPE65, SAG, TULP1, USH2A

Lab method: Next generation sequencing

Price / TAT: 450 EUR / 2-4 weeks

Specimen requirements: 2-4 ml of blood with anticoagulant EDTA
Send blood samples at room temperature. Blood samples can be preserved at 2-8°C before shipping. Blood samples are recommended not to freeze and not to store longer than one week.

2 µg DNA in TE, AE or pure sterile water at 100-250 ng/µl
Send DNA samples at room temperature or frozen. To avoid sample loss and contamination, please use 0,5-2,0 ml screw cap tubes, tubes with safe lock lid or wrap the caps of each microtube with parafilm. The A260/A280 ratio should be 1.8-2.0. DNA sample should be run on an agarose gel as a single band, showing no degradation, alongside with a quantitative DNA marker.

Ordering information: Go to online ordering or download sample submission form
Enclose the filled form in the package
Send samples to the following address:

Asper Biotech
Vaksali 17a
Tartu 50410