PMS2 gene sequencing test details

PMS2 gene mutation analysis is performed by RNA-based method, using sequencing of cDNA synthesized by reverse transcriptase.

Testing is available both with genotyping service (includes genotyping, electronic copy of the results report) and diagnostic package service (includes DNA extraction, genotyping, interpretation, hard copy of the results report).

Turnaround Time: Genotyping service
Standard: 4-6 weeks

Diagnostic package service
Standard: 4-6 weeks

Specimen Requirements: 3 ml of blood in Tempus™ Blood RNA Collection Tube
>> Send blood samples at room temperature within 5 days of collection.
>> Blood samples can be preserved at 2-8°C before shipping, but for no longer than one week.
>> Send frozen blood samples on dry ice.

Price: Genotyping service
Standard: 205 EUR

Diagnostic package service
Standard: 315 EUR

VAT (20% – applicable in EU member countries without a VAT registration number) will be added to genotyping service price. Diagnostic package price is not subject to VAT.

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