Cancer Predisposition

Determination of cancer predisposition is vital for prevention and early detection of the disease. Early diagnosis of cancer will ensure the immediate start of treatment, which is a key to increasing the survival and recovery. Significant difference between the survival rates of early stage and advanced stage of cancer points out the need for risk assessment of the disease.

Identification of genetic susceptibility to hereditary cancer syndromes enables to implement risk-reduction strategies, estimate familial cancer risk and identify at-risk family members.

Cancer predisposition testing at Asper Biotech includes the next generation sequencing based panel, allowing to analyze multiple genes associated with an increased risk for a wide range of cancers.


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Indications for genetic testing:

  1. Testing of individuals with early-age-onset of cancer
  2. Testing of individuals with multiple primary cancers
  3. Testing of family members of the affected individuals
  4. Testing individuals with family history suggesting inherited pattern of cancer but no genetic changes identified previously
  5. Genetic counseling